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Lift assisted

I.e. the release with the assistance of our boats safely and having fun.
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Thanks to the favoruable conditions of our spot and our experience we are able to deliver safely a complete and personalized teaching to meet the needs of each athlete.

Passion and Professionalism

Our goal is to make you learn quickly and well, we use proper equipment, professional and qualified instructors, but above all a great passion and professionalism that have allowed us to become an international benchmark for teaching


Water lessons are conducted with radio helmets allowing immediate correction of movements.

How to subscribe our Course

  • Come to the Office (info point at the beach) or contact us by phone (+39 3470306312 or +39 3479327766) to agree on the type of course and lesson dates.
  • Pay the registration fee directly to the Office or by bank transfer.
  • The courses are held by appointment, on dates of your choice, even in non-consecutive days.
  • The school is open daily, including holidays, from April to late October.
  • To participate in the courses do not need to have previous experience with other water sports and do not need a special physical training, it is necessary to know how to swim and be in good physical health.

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Sports medical examination required


1. Starting from the boat-lift, armed kite inflating the bladder side only, or leaving them to deflate if one-pump. Connect the lines and check carefully sliding them from the bar to the attachment points.
2. Wrap the lines around the bar and straightening so that they cannot melt during transport.
3. Wind the kite from the ends toward the Center, and then lock the bar on kite rolled up, making sure that it cannot move and that lines may not resonate.
4. Remember that the use of life-jackets and suit are mandatory; If you use the safety leash to the table, it is mandatory the use of a helmet.
5. In order to ensure recovery in the event of necessity is required by anyone using the service lift using a phone with a good waterproof, on which to store the phone numbers to call in case of need.
6. Finally, we recommend that you write your address and telephone number on the table and on the sail: If you lose your gear in the water, you can at least hope in good heart of who should find it.

The boat staff will help you carry out the cables from the bar letting them fall into the water while the boat is moving against the wind. Meanwhile you will be inflated the leading edge with the compressor. Do not attach to the harness until you have verified that the lines are correctly engaged and free from knots.


1. The lift is to transport and in later retrieval of the partners and their equipment in the mirror of water previously agreed, through suitable motor boats, to allow the sport of kiteboarding. members participating in this activity must therefore be autonomous maneuvering equipment, training in navigation, in relaunching the kite from the water, in knowing how to achieve the agreed area for recovery.
2. The outputs "lift" are normally made in the morning meeting at nautica from 7.00 a.m. to 08.00, or the afternoon, meeting from 13.00 to 13.30 hours. The actual time of the output will be decided at the discretion of the drivers of vessels, according to the weather conditions and the intensity of the wind. If it is not possible to lift for adverse weather conditions or for lack of wind, the output can be retrieved in another date.
3. The lift is considered done when the person drops in water by means of support: it is therefore for each Member, depending on their experience and their physical preparation, weather conditions, and equipment used, decide whether to take to the water.
4. Members who wish to make a lift must get on with your kite ready to use: the cables must be properly attached to the kite and well wrapped around the boma; the lateral inflated bladder (except kite with one-pump system), the fins and the table attached streps. The verification operations of the equipment must be carried out on the ground before exiting to avoid delays. Who uses materials provided at the school must provide verification of the equipment yourself, and report to the Secretariat any damage, faults or malfunctions.
5. The individual outputs must be made in absolute respect of the regulations of the code of navigation and local regulations.
6. Navigation should occur in the water mirror agreed with drivers of vessels to facilitate recoveries and any relief efforts. Remember that you must keep near by transport routes which carry out public service and from the areas reserved for workouts and races authorized by authorities.
7.The partners must take the safety jacket or personal floatation device always worn.
8. Have a phone water resistant or waterproof for use in case of need to communicate with the drivers of vessels, for example, to report a problem or to ask to be recovered in a different spot than the one formerly agreed.
9. Who uses equipment provided by the school must return it dry and in order. The kite should be stored in a dry bag with cables in order, hooked to the sail and well wrapped to boma.
10. Drivers of boats and the Association M.K.S a.s.d property. disclaim any and all liability that may arise for damages to persons, animals and/or things both on land and in water as a result of the practice of the sport of kiteboarding by the members.
11. Be autonomous navigation and know the regulations for the practice of kiteboarding and safety standards.
12. Remains at the discretion of the responsible "LIFT" decide to suspend the session in advance in water for reasons linked to security, weather conditions or to bring back those who do not respect the General regulations on the practice of kitesurfing, in such cases, the output will not be refunded.


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